TEENY.studio ?


We don't make a spectacular blockbuster scale!


We are developing a unique concept of casual global community RPG.

Our team

We are indie online game studio and was founded by seven passionate developers who have over 15 years of experience with game company. (NHN, NCSoft, Netmarble, Wemade, Com2us)

We are team leaders who have worked together at NHN and Com2us.

R&D Center -2nd-

The ORANGE-PLANET Seocho is the new 2nd office in Seoul.

Biz Center

The FASTFIVE Gangnam1 is the new office in Seoul.

R&D Center -1st-

We started here together.

Company History

May 2021 Selected as a global business partnership support business (KISED / Google)
May 2021 Selected as a game content development support business (KOCCA)
Jul 2020 Selected as a national AI R&D program (TIPA)
Apr 2020 Selected as a national Grow-up support business (KISED)
Jan 2020 Started Project TTO with Major Global Mobile Publisher.
Dec 2019 TEETINY global trademark register
Oct 2019 2nd CBT (Google Play/Southeast Asia)
Aug 2019 Selected as a national Cloud Server R&D program (TIPA)
Jul 2019 1st CBT (Google Play/Southeast Asia)
Jul 2019 Selected as a national Global Publish program (GCA)
Jul 2019 Selected as a national support business (MSS)
Sep 2018 Selected as a national Innovative Start-up business (MSS)
Aug 2018 The opening of a development office
Dec 2015 Development of MMORPG design & core architecture
Jan 2015 MMORPG Project Member Formation